Real Estate Realities With Robert "The RebelBroker" Whitelaw

Robert 'The Rebelbroker' Whitelaw is a real estate broker and Realtor® in Morgan Hill, California with over 25 years experience! His show discusses some of the best ways to achieve your real estate goals and build wealth for buyers, sellers, investors, entrepreneurs or just real estate watchers - from an insiders perspective. Over the years, Robert has been lucky enough to work with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries. Get a chance to hear what he has learned from these amazing entrepreneurs over the years that will help YOU achieve success! Robert is about keeping things honest (even when that means saying the things that nobody else is willing to say) and providing value to listeners with each and every episode! He won't just drop the news on you, he will translate it into actions you can take as a buyer, seller, investor or entrepreneur in your own life to get the most out of that shared knowledge! Knowledge is power and I believe in cranking it up to 11! So tune in for helpful information no matter how you are working to achieve financial freedom! It's real estate, totally unafraid!
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Nov 30, 2015

Interesting changes in the trends relating to Chinese buyers of real estate. It looks like interest is cooling and that might just mean a great deal for buyers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs. There are many things playing in to recent reductions in the number of buyers from China and in how much they are willing to spend. Does this indicate a coming all out drop in Chinese interest in American real estate? What areas are most effected? Most importantly, how can YOU use this information to your advantage when shopping for your next - or first - real estate deal?

Nov 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! I like to take time out to reflect on what I am thankful for. Success does not exist in a vacuum. While you can take credit for having the determination to keep going when others would have quit, your plan only succeeds because the other things happening at the same time worked out as well - things completely outside your control. It is just healthy to be thankful and to acknowledge that. Given all that, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the intangibles of success. Not just the monetary success but the kind that results in happiness - and they are two different things!

Nov 25, 2015

A great report came out from the good folks at ProTeck Services. Some great insights were found that show that there are still great opportunities out there for buyers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs. Of course, sellers can also benefit from this data by seeing how the information for their area overlaps with any market analysis that their real estate person might have done for them. It might just give you some insights that will help you improve your marketing for your home.

While REO or Foreclosure properties have pretty much worked through the system here in California, they are still out there and presenting great opportunities for buyers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs. We will even chat about two examples in California that show that even here on the west coast, some of these great gems can still be found. The real opportunities might just be found scattered across the country in Judicial and Non-Judicial states alike - depending on how far along different areas are in working through the supply of foreclosed homes. Todays show is a red hot example of how great deals can still be had out there that can be used to help you start your real estate empire - or just get you the best possible deal on your new home!


Nov 24, 2015

Last wednesday,the House of Representatives passed a pretty big change to what a "Qualified Mortgage" is. We are going to take some time to look it over and see if it makes sense. The important thing to keep in mind is that designating something a "Qualified Mortgage" for the government can translate into - if it fails, tax payers are on the hook! That means you and me. The other important thing to remember is that this changes rules that were in place when the last downturn occurred. So they are talking about making the rules MORE lax than they were during the worst lending catastrophe of any of our lifetimes. So no worries there.

Nov 23, 2015

It is all about your money in todays show. There is some interesting information about the auto loan bubble that you will want to hear. It is not a good. Then there is more to say about negative interest rates. I am seeing a pretty strong PR effort out there to get the concept some exposure - likely in the hopes of getting people to be ok with them. Both of these topics lead to some pretty interesting ideas to discuss.

Of course, all of this would absolutely have an effect not only on real estate - but anything and everything relating to your money, how you spend it, how you save it and how you get the biggest bang out of it to achieve your goals - whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur.

Nov 20, 2015

Credit scores are not sexy, but they can be useful in a variety of ways. Of course, they can tell you how credit worthy you are, but what about the averages for entire communities? There are some neat marketing uses for that data, plus the trends can tell us what direction economies are headed.

Of course, not all of the info involved is just the credit score. Looking into total debt, number of credit cards, total credit card debt all can help get a better picture of the economic health of communities. That is good info that any buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur can benefit from! In todays show, we will cover the best and worst of the average credit ratings for cities across the country. We will discuss what we can learn from it and how it might just help you in getting your home sold!  It can also help buyers get an idea of where they stand compared to other borrowers in the same community.

Nov 19, 2015

More interesting survey data today. For those of you that are currently landlords of single family residential homes, the latest data may make you want to be prepared for your renters leaving! We will offer up a couple of ways to prepare for that eventuality. For those buyers out there, particularly millenials, which are supposed to be the next big buyers, urban apartment living appears to be preferred to saving for a downpayment on a home! What is more important is that this data tends to contradict the popular mantra that the millenials are the next big wave of buyers. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur, todays show is going to give you the kind of information that helps to see just a little over the horizon into the future of real estate trends!

Nov 18, 2015

There are lots of numbers worth checking when it comes to confidence. Consumer confidence, builder confidence, buyer confidence - they can all play a role in helping you get a better understanding of what direction the real estate market is generally heading. In todays show, we will take a look at all of these numbers and try to come up with a few thoughts on what the market might hold for buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs in the coming months. Will we see a growing number of buyers and sellers jumping in to the market? What do opinions about the job market and how well business is doing play into confidence and what can those numbers tell us about what might be down the road for real estate? We will cover all that and more!

Nov 17, 2015

There are plenty of folks that throw around the term "Digital Mortgage" these days. While the process of applying and working through a home loan online is what most people think of when they think of a digital mortgage, it is not just outfits like Quicken that are offering that kind of service.

In todays show, we will discuss the digital mortgage in its various forms. What are the advantages and disadvantages and how should buyers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs be shopping for these loans.

We will include the recent satisfaction survey that reveals the top rated online lender. Of course, we are going to also explore what you can and cannot accomplish with folks like Quicken but also the questions to ask that might reveal that your conventional lender is more digital than you thought!

Nov 16, 2015

We have talked quite a bit about the return of subprime lending and what a concern that is for the future health of the real estate market. However, debt in general can have a huge influence on our ability to achieve our goals in and out of real estate. In todays show, we will look a couple of other areas where debt has gone crazy and might result in another bubble that we all have to recover from.

Nov 12, 2015

Today we are going to cover 5 relatively easy ways to crank the energy efficiency of your home up to 11! Whether you just want to consume less energy or you want to dramatically improve your cashflow situation, there are some efficiency choices you can make that will fit the bill.

In my case, when I implemented some of these ideas, my utility bill dropped by about 50%! Whether you are a homeowner looking to save some money or a real estate investor or entrepreneur who is paying the utilities on your rental, these techniques can help you keep more of your money each month.

Nov 11, 2015

Being mortgage free is a great thing. It is one factor that entices the largest number of millenials. It can be a great way for late bloomers to start their real estate investing. However, it can also be a way for young new comers to start their career as a real estate entrepreneur.

We have covered quite a few great strategies and all of them can work well with this idea of buying in areas where if you paid 28% of your yearly income into your mortgage, you would pay it off in about 10 years or less. Imagine being mortgage free in about a decade! Positive cash flow is just about guaranteed and you now have equity in a property that you can leverage later for that next real estate deal!

In todays show, we will talk about the top ten cities where you can do exactly that - pay off your mortgage in about 10 years!

Nov 10, 2015

We have talked about lots of great ways to track down real estate investment opportunities. Today, we are going to talk about a new list that ranks over 1000 small towns on some great metrics that you can use to evaluate whether or not they make a good investment for you. The odds are good that a town near you will be on this list! So make sure and find it and see how it ranks and whether or not it makes sense for you to consider starting or furthering your investment strategies in that community.

We will also point out a very interesting trait that the 20 worst towns all share - but it might not surprise all of you!

Nov 9, 2015

There are new styles to apply to your home coming up all the time. Some of them are great and timeless. Others, not so much. There are plenty of products out there that you can use to add a textured/3D element to your home. The most affordable versions come in the form of tiles that can add an amazing level of texture to your living space. However, like anything else, too much can be a bad thing and end up alienating more buyers than it entices. So today, lets talk about these options and come up with a strategy where we can use them, but only to their best advantage. To increase the value of our home or make it more likely that buyers will select our home over a competing property. Remember, for sellers, it is all about increasing the odds of getting your price as quickly as possible for the terms and conditions you want. It is also useful for buyers,investors and real estate entrepreneurs to be thinking about these things and deciding how much they matter for your property.

Nov 6, 2015

I like todays show. Well, to be honest, I like every one of my shows, but I am biased. But I really, REALLY like todays show! The big reason is because when it is over you are going to be walking around with one more template in your head that you can use in any market place you like to figure out local market trends. Yes, we are going to talk about what is going on with the market in San Francisco, but what is more important is that we will be translating that into a template you can use ANYWHERE! Is that real estate rebel power or what? It's like magic. So for buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs, I want you to get this new template bouncing around in your head so that you can apply it to your market as a way to anticipate which way the market will turn next.

Of course, we are also going to talk about what the recent changes in the San Francisco market means. As usual,we will dig a little deeper than the typical headlines and try to understand what the true implications are.

Nov 5, 2015

This week, the head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, indicated that she would be willing to consider negative interest rates. For those of you who keep track of such things, you know that the European Central Bank did the same thing back in June - and that has not worked out so well. This is the kind of strategy that lives in what I call the "Crazy crap we should never consider doing" bucket. 

So what happens if the United States embraces negative interest rates? Where would you put your money? Where would it make sense to put your money? Does this make it easier or harder to buy real estate? Does it effect real estate values? Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur, you should be considering how these kinds of actions by the Federal Reserve would effect you! After all, knowledge is power and I like to help you turn it up to 11!

Nov 4, 2015

So after my show on Donald Trump and his apparent love of eminent domain, I got quite a few folks reaching out to me to set me straight on the man. According to folks I have talked to, we should elect Mr. Trump because he is a self made man. He took his real estate efforts to new heights through his superior business skills. He is also an amazing negotiator.

So after a good number of discussions with folks - who nearly all expressed the above - I thought it would be a good idea to explore this a bit more and shed a little light on the real estate end of Donald Trump. In this case, we will use the exact same criteria we have used on this show before to figure out whether or not we are doing well at investing in real estate. After all, if you can make more money putting your cash into a fund and not have to do anything other than breath... you should!

So lets apply the same rules I suggest you apply to yourself and I apply in my own business and see what the data tells us!

Nov 3, 2015

Once again, the FED blinked and did not raise interest rate last week. Of course, we called it here on Real Estate Realities. The next window for a possible increase will be in December - but I still think that won't happen either.

In todays show, I want to prepare you for a few things. First, what if I am wrong? Since 60% of economists say it will happen, lets talk about what the impact might be. Next, I want to talk a little about what actually tends to influence the lending rate - because the rate set by the FED is NOT the only factor and is arguably far less influential than some other info. So we will over that and try to figure out what is likely to happen with that number. Next, we will discuss the interesting dynamic of who is calling for an increase in interest rates and why their motivations have nothing to do with what is good for you or for the economy. The real story might just be more scary than Halloween was!

Nov 2, 2015

There really is no escaping the reality that you need to protect yourself when buying real estate. In todays show, I will discuss some real estate horror stories that could have been prevented with the right strategies. All buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs need to know how to best protect themselves from real estate issues. All across the country, disclosure requirements vary. What you need are ways to protect yourself no matter what those disclosure laws might be. What is truly important is doing everything you can to avoid getting yourself into a situation that would cost you time, money and sanity to resolve. There is good news tho. In the vast majority of cases, a few simple steps can dramatically reduce the chances of these things happening to you. So sit down and take a listen to what I can share about how to avoid the horror stories in todays show!