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Robert 'The Rebelbroker' Whitelaw is a real estate broker and Realtor® in Morgan Hill, California with over 25 years experience! His show discusses some of the best ways to achieve your real estate goals and build wealth for buyers, sellers, investors, entrepreneurs or just real estate watchers - from an insiders perspective.

Over the years, Robert has been lucky enough to work with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries. Get a chance to hear what he has learned from these amazing entrepreneurs over the years that will help YOU achieve success! Robert is about keeping things honest (even when that means saying the things that nobody else is willing to say) and providing value to listeners with each and every episode! He won't just drop the news on you, he will translate it into actions you can take as a buyer, seller, investor or entrepreneur in your own life to get the most out of that shared knowledge! Knowledge is power and Robert believes in cranking it up to 11!

So tune in for helpful information no matter how you are working to achieve financial freedom!

It's real estate, totally unafraid!


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Aug 29, 2015

For the last two weeks, the stock market has been going nuts - and not in a good way. With China devaluing its currency and their markets tanking, ours have followed right along. What will these issues do to the real estate market? Does this make things better or worse? In todays show we are going to explore this and...

Aug 29, 2015

After dozens of months of foreclosures decreasing, we are seeing increases. We will look into explanations for this and see if it perhaps fits in with other information we have talked about on the show.

Aug 27, 2015

Interesting discussion today about housing demand. We will talk a little about the predictions but also bring in some high tech news that I think will play in to housing demand in the years to come. Its a bit out there, but worth your time and consideration! Technology is rolling toward us like a stampede and I never...

Aug 27, 2015

Today we will review a recent study that took a look at a variety of bits of info to rank the health of real estate markets all across the country! We will talk about how they measured this and what that data really means. Is there a great market right near you that you don't know about? Find out on todays...

Aug 25, 2015

Buyers and sellers both need to know this information when a solar powered home is involved! For buyers, what do you need to know? What questions should you ask? Should you write your offer in a special way? Sellers need to know how to get a solar system in a way that increases the homes value - and does not turn off...