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Robert 'The Rebelbroker' Whitelaw is a real estate broker and Realtor® in Morgan Hill, California with over 25 years experience! His show discusses some of the best ways to achieve your real estate goals and build wealth for buyers, sellers, investors, entrepreneurs or just real estate watchers - from an insiders perspective.

Over the years, Robert has been lucky enough to work with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries. Get a chance to hear what he has learned from these amazing entrepreneurs over the years that will help YOU achieve success! Robert is about keeping things honest (even when that means saying the things that nobody else is willing to say) and providing value to listeners with each and every episode! He won't just drop the news on you, he will translate it into actions you can take as a buyer, seller, investor or entrepreneur in your own life to get the most out of that shared knowledge! Knowledge is power and Robert believes in cranking it up to 11!

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May 23, 2022

Initial indicators are in and suggest we prepare for 'Recession 2022'!

Are we in a recession?

​Right now, we have hit declining GDP for the first quarter. Indicators are there, but for many we are not 'officially' in a recession. However, the question is not will be hit a recession at this point, but when.

What is a recession?

Big declines in economic activity.

Big slow downs in economic activity can have broad effects. With low activity comes lower needs for employees to do what they would normally do when the economy is healthy due to lower demand.  Goods and services produced drop. The stock market loses value and unemployment rates tend to go up.

Recessions are normal.

Recessions happen regularly. It is how severe a recession is that indicates how painful it will be for the average person.

Recessions can turn into depressions.

Recessions usually hit their worst point within 10 months then go into recovery. A depression is a deep, painful, long lasting recession.

Calm preparation is the best tool.

Buyers, investors and home owners can not only survive in a recession, but thrive. It can give an excellent window of time to acquire real estate and better prices.