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Robert 'The Rebelbroker' Whitelaw is a real estate broker and Realtor® in Morgan Hill, California with over 25 years experience! His show discusses some of the best ways to achieve your real estate goals and build wealth for buyers, sellers, investors, entrepreneurs or just real estate watchers - from an insiders perspective. Over the years, Robert has been lucky enough to work with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries. Get a chance to hear what he has learned from these amazing entrepreneurs over the years that will help YOU achieve success! Robert is about keeping things honest (even when that means saying the things that nobody else is willing to say) and providing value to listeners with each and every episode! He won't just drop the news on you, he will translate it into actions you can take as a buyer, seller, investor or entrepreneur in your own life to get the most out of that shared knowledge! Knowledge is power and I believe in cranking it up to 11! So tune in for helpful information no matter how you are working to achieve financial freedom! It's real estate, totally unafraid!
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Feb 29, 2016

Plus: Serious delinquency rate is up!

It is the perfect time of year to take some time and check out your home for mold. The key is to focus on moisture. Since we are at the tail end of the rainy season, check for leaks in your roof or areas where drainage around your home might be allowing this moisture to get into your walls.

Your best mold detector is your nose, but if you can find leaks or moisture before you can smell it, you are just ahead of the game. We will talk about the most likely places to find mold but also some ways to deal with it.

We have also seen an increase in the level of serious mortgage delinquency in January. That means folks that are more than 3 months behind on their mortgage or already in foreclosure.

Personal income and personal spending both increased by the same amount last month. It looks like folks are confident to keep on spending!

Cash sales, a key indicator of investor activity, has also declined again this month.

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Feb 26, 2016

Plus: Homeowners Clueless On Home Equity?

The big question now is, when will get we more inventory? Todays show will be looking at this from a variety of angles. Will new construction rescue us? What about more sellers jumping into the market to sell their homes? What is holding them back? Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur, getting some answers to these questions can help you pave your way toward real estate success.

Rents are also rising and becoming a bigger part of renters decisions to start home shopping - but is that a good thing or a bad thing for the market?

Mortgage rates continue to head in a surprising direction - but is that bad news too?

We should also take a look at the hottest markets this month and re-evaluate what makes them so darn hot!

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Feb 25, 2016

Plus: Are Interest Rates Headed Lower?

Some interesting numbers have come in for January regarding new home sales. Not only that, we are seeing some interesting trends in the affordability of new homes. Could this be the beginning of a building trend that could eventually deal with our low inventory problem? We can also take a few minutes to see about those inventory numbers - national numbers are showing that we may be on the other side of a peak.

Plus, we will also talk about some interesting news that might just mean that lending rates are likely to go even lower!

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Feb 24, 2016

We have talked about the cost of homes and where buyers can expect to pay the least or perhaps expect the greatest increase in home value. However, we have not looked at real estate investing from the standpoint of what areas have the highest average capitalization rate - or 'cap rate'. In very simplified terms, you can think of the cap rate as the percentage return on the money you have invested in a property. Of course, we want our money to work hard for us - that is why you cant a higher cap rate. What is most interesting is that if I asked you to guess what areas have the highest cap rate - you would most likely be wrong! In todays show, we will be looking at the best and worst cap rates across the country! Want to know where your real estate investing will tend to pay off the most? Then this is the show you need to check out!

Plus, we will take some time to theorize what might just happen if and when we see a surge in the supply of single family homes. It has to happen at some point, it really is just a matter of when.

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Feb 23, 2016

In todays show we are going to explore what is going on with debt. All kinds of debt. What states show the greatest debt in different areas? Which areas have had the highest delinquency rates? For some buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs, these trends can help them find opportunities where there are more properties to be found at better prices.

Today, there are many areas hard hit by the dip in the energy sector or the increase in the value of the dollar. We will talk about those areas and consider them as potential areas to explore since their stalled expansion has resulted in a surplus of real estate options.

There is also a new 3% loan which carries no mortgage insurance, but eventually ends up in the hands of a government sponsored entity - in other words the tax payer assumes the risk. 

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Feb 22, 2016

There are tons of real estate apps you can get for your smartphone. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, you have got lots of choices! In todays show, we will take a little time to discuss a few of them and how you can best integrate them into your work flow. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur, these apps can be a big help!

The news on foreclosures (REOs) continues to be good. We will check in with the latest numbers to see how good.

An interesting article about some spring decorating projects you might want to consider. We will take a look and see if these suggestions will help or hurt when it comes to selling your home.

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Feb 19, 2016

Despite a general decrease in all cash investor purchases, there are markets where all cash buyers are very active. In fact, they are competing directly with first time buyers, which has really been a challenge to those first time buyers considering the relatively low inventories we are seeing as well. We will talk about some of these areas and also check in with what we are seeing in Phoenix - which was particularly hard hit by the bubble and downturn. Knowing where investors are most active can be valuable information for buyers, sellers and aspiring investors and real estate entrepreneurs.

Plus, mortgage fraud is most often committed against some of our most vulnerable family members. Today we will cover some of the ways to protect yourself but also consider how we can step up and protect members of our own family who might be targets of these kinds of scams.

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Feb 18, 2016

That's right! It is the perfect blend of great schools and low prices in todays show! We will run down the list of towns where you can pay a little but get a ton when it comes to the quality of the local schools! Never underestimate the power of buying a home in an area with great school! It can help to preserve value when property values in general go down.

Also, we are going to review some interesting facts about the real estate market in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. In fact, I will be pulling up the very latest numbers on San Francisco so that we can review the most recent, up to the minute numbers of what is happening in that market. What we learn might just make it easier for us to then evaluate other areas as well.

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Feb 17, 2016

It is an election year and candidate Clinton has revealed some things she would like to do in the wonderful world of real estate. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things she has mentioned that she would address. As I see the various candidates mention something that would effect the world of real estate, I will share it here and maybe even offer a few opinions of my own on the subject.

Homebuilder confidence is down, but probably not for the reasons you might think.

Landlords are offering incentives to their tenants. Lets talk about why and what we can learn from that. Understanding what motivates landlords of apartment complexes to do these kinds of things can be a useful tool in understanding the ebb and flow of renters in your area as well.

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Feb 16, 2016

There is a pretty standard line that you will get from real estate agents when you suggest that you want to sell your home yourself. Most of what they will say is true to one degree or another, but depending on market conditions and your expertise, you can sell your home by yourself. Today we will talk about an article I found where one agent talks about the "myths" of selling a home yourself and see how they stack up to a little analysis.

More news on negative interest rates. We won't spend much time talking about it, but I will be linking to a good article on the subject that will give you some good background.

Regulators are clearing the way for autonomous cars - that is cars with NO human driver in them! As we discussed in a previous show, the push is on the fast track these automated cars and the latest news from the folks in Washington back that up.

Also, vacancy rates are at virtually zero in many communities. We are going to talk about that and see if we can make it work for us.

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Feb 15, 2016

The future is here in the form of digital mortgages. The question is not whether or not we should have digital mortgages, they are here and they will remain a part of the real estate landscape. The real question is, what new potential pitfalls with digital mortgages introduce? All new innovations bring with them growing pains and digital mortgages are no exception. With any luck, their popularity will grow at a pace that allows us to easily deal with any issues or problems along the way. But if not, what kinds of challenges might we face?

We will also spend some time talking about the change in how folks over 50 are managing their debt. The latest numbers show them taking on much more debt than in the past. While at the same time, younger borrowers have taken on less. This is a pretty big reversal of the usual trend and most likely spells an interesting change in the kinds of buyers and sellers we are likely to see in the coming years.

30 year fixed rates are now at ridiculously low levels.

Finally, we will take a minute to discuss the interesting evolution of how negative interest rates are being covered in the press.

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Feb 11, 2016

Lots of items to cover for todays show. First, the concept of negative interest rates seems to be floating around out there again. We will revisit the topic and look at some recent information that seems to point to the idea that the Fed may not have the authority to use negative interest rates. 

More and more Americans are retiring overseas. We will discuss the effects of this migration and consider what it might do to what have been popular retirement destinations within the United States.

There was an interesting article on why it will be decades before we get autonomous vehicles. Since we have discussed this before in terms of its effects on employment, we will review the idea and see if this claim holds any water.

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Feb 10, 2016

I came across a very interesting article today that discusses a possible bubble the real estate world will have to contend with. It is not a real estate bubble, but rather a non-real estate industry bubble that is shaping up to look a whole lot like something we have been through before! The good news is that this is not likely to hit real estate as hard as another real estate specific downturn, but it will absolutely cause a drop in home prices for some period of time - if it happens. We will discuss that today and see if it sounds like it might just happen.

Plus, home appraisals are still coming up short when compared to seller expectations. We will talk about how to deal with that.

Renters are paying more for car insurance, we will look into how much and whether nor not that makes sense.

All that cool technology you are considering putting into your home might just be spying on you. We will chat about that.

Freddie mac offers up some advice on how to protect yourself from fraud.

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Feb 9, 2016

We have had another year where an increasing number of homes have managed to come out from being under water. There are still a few areas that are lagging behind, but a great deal of progress has been made. So what will it mean for the real estate market as more and more owners find that their homes are now worth what they paid for them? Or perhaps are at least worth more than they owe on them? Since so many homeowners have felt locked into homes that would cost them money if they sold it, are they more likely to sell when the value increases? In todays show we will explore the progress being made in terms of homes regaining their value and see if we can't figure out the likely effect this might have on markets over the next year. This is great information that will benefit any buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur out there!

We are also seeing a record number of citizens renouncing their citizenship. The increase over the past three years has been amazing. Is this a symptom of a policy that generally keeps us from seeing money brought back into the United States?

Framing lumber prices are down. Should we be worried that homebuilders have lost confidence in building? Is there some other way to explain this drop in lumber costs?

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Feb 8, 2016

Some interesting news from a variety of sources on the state of mortgage lending. Despite the Fed raising rates, we continue to see mortgage rates going down. The home improvement world seems to be gearing up for a big spring boost in sales - which would seem to mean they expect lots of folks out there getting into some new DIY projects.

Plus, today we will take a few minutes to discuss why the US Economy may just have more going for it than lots of folks think.

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Feb 2, 2016

Todays show covers a variety of interesting things to note. From home ownership rates to owners taking out equity in their homes, we are seeing interesting signs in the market. Should we be worried about all this or is it good news? Lets take some time to talk about these interesting indicators that might just give buyer, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs a look over the horizon on how the real estate market will be shaping up in 2016.

We will cover increasing home ownership rates, wages for college graduates improving, and owners embracing some responsible debt.

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